The Small Business Cooperative represents independent small businesses locally, and throughout the United States. Our members include businesses of many types.  The purpose of our local cooperative is to educate and consult business owners with the many challenges they face. For example, we collectively organize the purchase and acquisition of point of sale systems, because it helps our clients save capital and improve their businesses.  We also acquire and teach software systems (like invoicing), labor/payroll systems, tax compliance, electronic payments and mobile solutions.

The size our organization decreases the cost associated with these services and allows The Small Business Cooperative to provide the technical training and resources necessary to deliver these services to our members. For more information about programs that your business can take advantage of please use the contact us link below.

Here at The Small Business Cooperative we offer one on one mentorship and education for business owners, managers and employees throughout the Carolinas.  This training encompasses the wide variety of challenges facing small business owners such as computing systems, accounting, payroll, marketing, web design, finance and electronic payment systems.  We pride ourselves on our personal mentorship services. For more information please use the contact us link below.

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One of the challenges facing small business owners today is the lack of dependable and affordable technology.  The Small Business Cooperative can assist you with this challenge. We offer a wide variety of technologies specialized in every business type in the market.  We also provide one of one training for your entire staff to ease the implementation process. We offer back office solutions, point of sale systems, electronic payroll and labor management, invoicing systems and hundreds of proven solutions for your business needs. For more information please use the contact us link below.

The Small Business Cooperative offers a variety of methods to receive payments from your customers.  We can help you set up and train your entire staff to receive payments from a variety of sources that include:  credit cards, debit cards, check verification, invoicing and cash management. We offer one on one training and set up for all of your financial reporting needs from day to days reports to tax preparation. For more information please use the contact us link below. !


Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Marketing is an extremely difficult challenge for small businesses throughout the Carolinas. Many small businesses waste hard earned capital through ineffective marketing or chose not to market at all. Likewise, customer relationship management is an area that many small business owners don't have the time to adequately address. The Small Business Cooperative can help your business in areas such as website design, social media management, email and text marketing, customer service systems and a host of other tools to address these areas.  For more information please use the contact us link below.

Managing and paying employees on time and accurately is critically important to the successful operation of any business. The Small Business Cooperative offers a variety of labor management tools including: time keeping, scheduling, payroll and payroll tax preparation. Our one on one training often saves significant capital and time.  No business is too small or large for this service and it is a key reason for the success of our membership.


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